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Did you know that you may be overpaying for your hosting? Most hosts sell to you cheap for the first year and raise your rates the following subsequent years. We don't. They also charge you for dozens of unneeded tools.

Let us make it easy for you with one flat rate that never changes.
Basic Most websites
Small-Database* Wordpress, Logins
Large-Database* Catalog websites

Consulting For absolutely nothing, we will help you figure out what course is best for you in your transition to the web. We will analyze your needs and wants and help you create the best plans for your perfect website.
Domain Registration The domain is one of the single most important aspects of your website. We will help you find the best one as well as host a domain you may already have.
New Designs Hundreds of thousands of businesses and people have yet to own their own website. Let us help you design the perfect site and get you exposed on the web.
Redesigns If you already have a website, have you thought about looking into a redesign? Maybe it is time for you to freshen up your look and become part of the newer age of web appearances.
Site Additions/ Subtractions Sometimes you just need to add or remove pages from your current site.
Search Engine Optomization (SEO) We can look into your code and help improve your site's organic search results by enhancing the keywords, searchable words, and by using other SEO techniques.
Contact Forms Purely custom contact forms for you help a potential customer reach you straight from the website.
Photo Galleries We all need to display what we can do. Easily usable photo galleries show of the best of what you do.
Updating/ Managing We can edit your content for you as well as manage your website for you. With the growing business you cannot let your website on the back burner.
Cross Browser Compatibility Did you know that all browsers run your website differently? What looks good in one, could be broken in another. We make sure your site works properly in all the major browsers. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera are the most used internet browsers.
Databasing Databases drive business. From inventory storage to user logins, we can help create you the perfect and easily managed database that will help run your business.
Wordpress We can help set you up with your very own wordpress website and help get you the plug-ins you need.
Drupal Similar to Wordpress but more robust, Drupal offers you an alternative to Wordpress and helps you be a little different.

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